Saturday, April 13, 2019

Using Spotlight to Hold Copied Text

There are times where you need to copy multiple pieces of text on the computer. For example, one window may have a quote while another window may have a citation, and you need to paste both in another window. It can be annoying having to switch to window A, over to window C to paste the first text, then to window B, and back to window C to paste the second text. Instead, with macOS, you can go from A to B to C and have the same result. To do this, copy the first piece of text and open Spotlight with command-space. Paste it in Spotlight and close it with command-space. Then, go to window B and copy the next string of text. Now you can go to window C and paste window B's text, open Spotlight and copy the text from there, and paste that into window C as well. While it may seem like a pretty unique circumstance, I find myself doing this constantly with programming. I hope this helps!

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