Monday, April 22, 2019

Samsung Delays the Galaxy Fold

Days before its official release, Samsung has made the decision to delay the Galaxy Fold. The phone was sent to reviewers with many finding it had problems that would cause the phone to become unusable, seemingly due to the folding display. It was due to release this Friday, but Samsung has told CNBC that they will announce a new release date in a few weeks while they try to fix the issue. The scary thing is that this seems to be a hardware issue rather than a software issue, meaning many phones were already built and will go to waste. At this point, Samsung's move is the best move they could make, but it's hard to believe that a $2,000 phone is suffering from such an issue. This could be a glimpse as to how AirPower's release could have gone had it not been canceled. Those who had the chance to demo AirPower in 2017 say it often didn't charge devices properly. Imagine if it was released and it didn't work properly most of the time or if it overheated and posed a safety threat. It's a rarity to see tech companies make moves like this due to the quality of a product, but when they do, it's important to learn from it, for both the company and its competitors.

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