The Tech Tour 4 Geeks! Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

We are all geeks. You can't deny it. But Summer's coming up, and we can't just stay indoors coding all day. We need a vacation. A "geeky" vacation. And what better place to go than Silicon Valley!

Start off at Apple Headquarters. Welcome to The Mothership! Here, you can find The Company Store. While this store doesn't sell computers, they sell Apple merchandise such as T-Shirts!

The next place to go to is called WeirdStuff Warehouse in Santa Clara. They have everything you need for creating a computer from scratch!

After that, go to Google headquarters. While they don't have a store open to the public, they do have statues depicting their many Android Operating Systems. When you go there, you'll find the actual movie scene for the movie, "The Internship".

After that, go to The Computer History Museum where you can learn interesting things about computers (trust me, it's not boring). They have everything from abacus to an old-school pong system, including a working Babbage machine.

Next, go to the Intel Museum (free admission) to learn even more about computer chips and computer processors!

In addition, try going to "The Birthplace of Silicon Valley"! This is where HP was started!

367 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto, CA

Don't forget Stanford University! Stanford is a great place to go when you're looking for somewhere to go. It's one of the best universities in the United States! Stanford has buildings named after famous people in technology such as Bill (William) Gates, David Packard, William Hewlett, Jerry Yang, etc.

Of course, there's the hotel. Where to stay? Be sure to go to The Cypress Hotel. It's located within walking distance of Apple Headquarters. Click on the link near the location label. That will give you directions to the hotel.

Also, check out this map for all of the locations and directions. Have a great vacation!

Copy and paste the following link for the map (hyperlinks don't work with this; don't ask me why):

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