Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Transition to 64-Bit Apps

64-bit apps have been the norm for iOS for some time now. 32-bit apps will no longer work on any iOS device running the latest software. This has mostly gone unnoticed to many, as most developers updated their apps to support this change. macOS is a different story. Because the Mac App Store is not the only way to install macOS software, macOS developers aren't always held to the standards that Apple sets for them. macOS Mojave is the last version of macOS that will support 32-bit apps, and that is a big leap. While most macOS apps these days are 64-bit, it takes just one vital app not supporting it to discourage someone from updating. While many apps will be updated, I have some apps that haven't been updated in years, and I doubt they will be. If you're curious which apps on your Mac are 32-bit, go to the Apple in the top left corner, select "About This Mac," and select "System Report..." In the left sidebar, scroll down and select "Applications." This will display all of your applications. You can tell under the column labeled "64-bit (Intel)" if a specific app is 32-bit. Make sure you can live without these apps before updating this fall.

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