Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Don't Forget to Unsubscribe From Your Apple News+ Trial

One month less a day ago, Apple News+ was released to the public where they could start a free, one-month trial. For those who aren't satisfied with the service or who don't want to be charged for it, you should cancel by tomorrow if you started as soon as it came out. As soon as you cancel, you'll lose access to Apple News+. To do this on iPhone, go to the Apple News app, go to the Following tab, tap "Manage Subscriptions," and tap "Cancel Free Trial." Then, just follow the prompt and you won't be charged. There have been a lot of criticisms of the service, and I think Apple needs to make improvements before they can really start bragging about it. I don't think the concept is terrible, but the execution was pretty far from hitting the mark for me.

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