Monday, April 1, 2019

The Overabundance of April Fools' Jokes

April Fools' Day in 2019 is a day of taking every piece of information with a massive grain of salt and, for me, reminding myself where the apostrophe goes in "Fools'." I typically think the jokes pulled by companies are pretty funny and light-hearted. However, this year, you hear a lot more complaints than praise for the stunts pulled. Microsoft even asked its employees to not do any April Fool's jokes [Source: The Verge]. Today is the annual day where you don't believe anything, so when something real happens, you have a moment of doubt. I had to do double takes on emails I got from my bank and my professors just to be sure. It's not that I don't enjoy the spirit and heart that goes into them. It's all in good fun, but when I don't fall for any of them, it's a sign of over saturation. And don't get me started on the companies based in America who pull their pranks in the middle of the day on March 31. That's not clever, that's cheating. Anyways, I don't discourage anyone from making an April Fools' joke by any means. I do however think it would be cool if the folks over at Google made a toggle in Chrome that would detect if the page is an April Fools' joke or not. 

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