Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Aperture Will Not Run on macOS Post-Mojave

Aperture was a popular professional photo editor made by Apple. It was discontinued in 2014 to the disappointment of many. Apple did try to make a compromise by putting a large effort into the photo editing abilities of the native Photos apps, but it wasn't the same by any measure. This change led many to switching to Adobe Lightroom, while some may continue using Aperture, even though it wasn't being updated anymore. However, it seems that Aperture won't be able to run after macOS 2019 is released. Apple has created a new support document regarding the change. I don't know if Aperture was 32-bit as of the final update, but Apple cites "technical reasons" for the inability to run. In the document, Apple describes the migration process to Photos and Adobe Lightroom Classic. Depending on the process you use, you may lose some metadata from your Aperture library, so be careful and make backups. I almost bought Aperture right before it was announced it was being discontinued, so I'm definitely glad I don't have to worry about this mess, but it is unfortunate to see Aperture finally meet the end of its days.

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