Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Powerbeats Pro vs. AirPods

Powerbeats Pro will be launching in May, and it has a lot of similarities to the iconic Apple AirPods. Given that both are owned by Apple, they are marketed to different audiences. Powerbeats Pro is geared towards fitness while AirPods is for any activity. The two designs are reflective of this. Powerbeats Pro hang on to your ears better, have noise isolation, have physical buttons for volume control and playback, and have water resistance. AirPods is much more geared toward convenience. It has an iconic design, each AirPod can be quickly put on, and has optional wireless charging. This all being said, AirPods can be used for workouts and Powerbeats Pro can be used for casual listening, but it's not as optimal. AirPods are quick to put on, which shows it worth if you listen to music between appointments and meetings, while Powerbeats are best enjoyed during a long workout. I think that AirPods will eventually receive features that make this completely one-sided, but for now, the choice is debatable depending on your situation.

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