Friday, April 26, 2019

Could the Galaxy Fold Delay Be Intentional?

The Galaxy Fold was set to release today, but as we know, that has changed. Due to a large proportion of review units essentially having their displays bricked, Samsung has delayed the product until they can release a working product. It seems like a Herculean task to be able to make a hardware change and get the phone out to market within a few months. But I personally has a suspicion that it could have been an intentional move. While I highly doubt this is the case, we're now all talking about the Galaxy Fold. I didn't realize the phone was launching this week until they delayed it, and that could be the case for many others as well. If they already had a design change ready for the mass market, but gave out faulty review phones, they would not only have days of free press, but also a quick turnaround for the phones. It would be an easy way to get free press without having your phones posing a safety hazard to people. The only other thing is that I find it very hard to believe that Samsung let this phone pass their quality standards. Having a non-functional $2,000 phone is unacceptable. I don't think Samsung would be willing to have one-in-four of their phones become bricked. It all seems a bit suspicious.

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