Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Galaxy Fold Shows a Major Problem

I truly am interested in how the future of foldable phones will play out. After the fall of modular phones, it can come down to selling a futuristic product and seeing how the public reacts. However, it seems that multiple reviewers are facing issues with the Samsung Galaxy Fold after just days of use. Issues revolve around glitchy or broken displays that do not seem repairable. Mark Gurman was one of the journalists affected by this issue. He made an interesting find.
"The phone comes with this protective layer/film. Samsung says you are not supposed to remove it. I removed it, not knowing you’re not supposed to (consumers won’t know either). It appeared removable in the left corner, so I took it off. I believe this contributed to the problem."
A removable film may seem normal for most smartphones, but a removable film not made to be taken off is weird. You'd think Samsung would be more clear about this. It's still not clear if this is the exact cause of these weird issues. 

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