Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Apple Watch Series 4 Fixes Accidental Screenshots

I don't know if this issue was exclusive to me when I had a Series 0, but I would always manage to take accidental screenshots on my Apple Watch. The crown and side button would both have to be pressed for this to happen. Because the side button sticks out of the Apple Watch, this would happen often. One example is if I reached into my pocket for my phone, I would find my phone had a random screenshot later in the day. The Series 4 fixes this with a side button that's embedded into the watch case. This makes nearly impossible to take accidental screenshots, and it's a much appreciated change. I think the design looks better as well. Overall, the Series 4 hardware change gave Apple the opportunity to change a lot with the Apple Watch's previous design, and I'm glad they looked at the smaller details, like the side button, and made improvements. 

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