Friday, July 27, 2018

The Issue with tvOS and Up Next

tvOS has been lacking for a while in my opinion. Apple has definitely been taking steps in the right direction, but innovation in the OS has been few and far between. A while back, Apple added Up Next to the TV app on Apple TV and iOS. I've been using it too keep track of shows I want to watch. Part of the problem I have is that once you add shows, they're just there. They don't change position. It just piles up. I feel like if Apple let you change the position and make your own "channel" of video, Apple would have something really good. When I finish a movie or TV show, they don't disappear from Up Next. If I finish a movie, the sequel is not added to my Up Next. The TV app has potential, as Apple makes it the perfect home for your own personalized "TV Guide." But Apple clearly hasn't acknowledged that this year, and probably won't for sometime.

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