Sunday, July 29, 2018

Apple TV CEC Control

One of the biggest issues I have faced for years is using Apple TV with other remotes. Typically, I have to pick up the main remote and turn on the TV and pick up the Apple TV remote to turn on the Apple TV. Then, if I want to turn the input to my Nintendo Switch, I have to change the input on the main remote and turn on the Nintendo Switch with my controller. I know this sounds really lazy, but there is a clear issue of continuity. And yes, I realize remotes didn't exist at one point. Anyways, my whole life was changed today when I discovered HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). Configuring these settings on your compatible HDTV (and compatible devices) will allow you to simply pick up your Apple TV remote and press a button. Then the TV will turn on and switch to the Apple TV input, all with one button! When the Apple TV goes to sleep after a while, the TV will turn off. There are many different configuration methods based on your brand of TV, so check Apple's guide if you need help setting it up.

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