Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iPad Mini: What I Could Dig Up

Today is the big day. That means it's time to soak in all the information and rumors I could find. And if you read the iPhone 5: What I Could Dig Up article, then yes, this is turning into a series. Let's get started.

The four products expected to be announced at the event are of course, the iPad Mini, along with the iMac, Mac Mini, and 13" Retina Display MacBook Pro. And I wouldn't be surprised if that new iTunes would be released with it too. It is also rumored that iBooks will have an update to 3.0. iBooks 2.0 brought the textbooks to the iBookstore. I'm not sure what iBooks 3.0 brings, but it probably has to do with the iPad Mini because the iPad Mini may become competition for the Kindle. In addition, the iPad Mini has been going on and off about cellular data. Some rumors say that Apple may remove cellular data from the iPad Mini and vise versa. I personally always get cellular data with my iPads for decent syncing with iCloud, photo locations, and more. However, with many users now have with iPhones and they either use their iPhone (or smartphone) to tether the connection to their iPad or they simply use their iPhone (or smartphone) to browse the web or go on the Internet over their phone's cellular when they're on the go instead of buying cellular data for their iPad. Finally, some sources say that the third generation iPad may be updated with the Lightning connector along with the iPad Mini. And that's it for this What I Could Dig Up. Check back later for news about the event and a special edition of The Scoop for the iPad Mini. Until then, feel free to leave comments about your opinions, rumors, tips, or anything.

UPDATE: Apple will be streaming the event live on Apple TVs and on their website. Here's the link to the feed:

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