Monday, October 8, 2012

iCloud Extends Free Storage 4 Geeks

I recently got an email about iCloud's free storage upgrade for those who had MobileMe. For those who don't know, Apple has been trying for years to perfect syncing. Starting with eWorld. Their first syncing service that was started in 1994 and ended in 1996. In 2000, a new service came named iTools. It evolved into .Mac in 2002 as a paid subscription. Then, it was MobileMe in 2008. It was a flop. Syncing wouldn't work as smoothly as what iCloud would be. They sold MobileMe subscriptions in Apple Stores then. In 2011, iCloud took over MobileMe and was a free service. The people who paid for MobileMe, including me, were given a free year of 25 GB of storage.

Apple recently gave us an additional year of this special offer. No action was required for these users.

Here's a picture of the email. The hyperlink to the article is not meant to work.

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