Friday, October 12, 2012

iPod Classic. What's next?

Recently, iTunes removed the iTunes Ping feature. With that, iTunes removed the click wheel games. This was like the app store for the other iPods and it only sold games. It wasn't compatible with iPods without click wheels (iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, etc.) and none were free. How it would work is that you would buy the game from your computer. Then, you sync it to the compatible iPod. Finally, you would enjoy the game. Although the feature is gone, Apple still advertises the feature on the iPod Classic's feature page. Now it's gone and with that, I wonder what will happen to the only iPod that hasn't been updated for at least the past two iPod events. It is also the only iPod to not have a pair of EarPods included. And it may have 160 GB capacity but, come on, what are you going to do with 40,000 songs. If you're going to get an iPod for music, videos, and photos, you might as well buy the new iPod Nano for $149 instead of $249. The only reason to get it is because it's the only iPod with the design of iPod with a real click wheel. And no, I don't count the click wheel on the iPod Shuffle a real click wheel (no offense to iPod Shuffle users). But times are changing. For all we know, the iPod Classic may look like the first generation of the iPod Touch.

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  1. The Classic iPod is so sleek. It has a great look. Lots of drive space for hours of movies and music. Too bad it doesn't support AirPlay or another way to carry and play movies. Or Bluetooth to connect to wireless speakers. It is what it is, classic. Not current.


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