Monday, October 8, 2012

How to remove a SIM card

WARNING: Use with caution. Small parts can be easily lost.

Here's something you can brag about. To remove your iPhone's or iPad + Cellular's SIM Card, find the SIM Card removal tool in the box your device came in. It looks like a metal rectangle that has a tip at the end. Turn off your iOS device. Find the small hole (usually on the left side on the iPad and iPhone; on the top for the iPhone 3GS and before) and stick the SIM Card remover into the hole. The compartment will pop out. Remember, which way the card was facing. Hold it carefully. Blow any dust off the card and in the socket. Put it back in the way you found it. Push it in. That's all.

When will you use this? If the top left part of the screen ever says, "No SIM" or if you get a notice saying something among those lines, use this technique.

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