Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iPhone 5: The Scoop

Yes, it happened. The iPhone 5 has been announced! The new iPhone shows many new features. Some more surprising than others. 

The iPhone now has a much taller screen. Apps that are not updated for the new display will be letterboxed seamlessly. You won't even notice. The home screen now consists of five rows of apps. It's 18% thinner, 20% lighter, and 12% less volume. 

The new iPhone now has LTE, or Long Term Evolution, connectivity. LTE has been known to be even somewhat faster than Wi-Fi. Although, the new technology in the iPhone 5 comes with a faster Wi-Fi experience as well. 

In addition, the new iPhone comes with the new Apple designed A6 chip which gives 8 hours LTE internet browsing time, 8 hours talk time, and 10 hours of video. 

Apple also announced new ear phones dubbed, EarPods. These new headphones are made to fit perfectly in your ear. 
In the camera department, the iPhone 5 has a new Panorama mode that can take pictures up to 240° and up to 28 megapixels. There are also 40% faster photo captures, 1080p HD video, and the front camera makes a huge jump from VGA quality to 720p HD FaceTime calls and 1.8 megapixel photos.

With the new Lightning connector (which somewhat looks like the ThunderBolt adapter for the Mac), there's no wrong way to plug in your iPhone to the charger. And it's easier to plug it in.

iPhone 5 also comes with iOS 6, the newest operating system for the iOS lineup, which will be released September 19th. iOS 6 introduces new features for Siri, including compatibility with the New iPad and the 5th Generation iPod Touch. Maps will be remodeled in Apple's new design. Passbook will also be released with the update. 

The iPhone 5 will be available (if you can manage to get to the front of the line before they sell out) September 21st and available for pre-sale September 14th.


  1. I like the new phone and all the new hardware features but I'm not excited about the new height of the phone. I like the increase in screen size, decrease in thickness, but by only increasing the height I think the phone will feel weird in my hands. Similar android phones with that size screen still maintain the height to width ratio of the iPhone 4. I understand why and I may not be bothered by it once I get my hands on the actual product but at first glance I'm a little skeptical.

    I am however extremely excited about iOS 6!! SIRI is a great concept and product but she was limited on what she could do. I've thought that she had far more use as an entertainment tool by seeing what kind of responses she comes up with to obscure commands than she did functionality with the software. I think the new options will really be a good improvement to the iPhones functionality...especially since I can update all the new software features to my 4s!!!

    1. Thanks Mr. Thomas! I agree with you about the fact that the iPhone 5 may feel weird. However, Apple states that since the phone screen only increases in height, it won't feel much different. However, Notification Center may be harder to access because of the new size. I hope to have an iPhone 5 in hand soon at an Apple Store to give a review. Thanks! I appreciate the comment!



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