Saturday, September 29, 2012

iTunes Ping

Yesterday, I was on iTunes and found that the iTunes Ping feature was being removed on September 30, 2012. I was saddened at this loss, however, it was not surprising for several factors.

1. In iOS 6, Ping is no longer in the menu bar.
2. Nobody uses it much.
3. The new iTunes will display this information more elegantly without the help of Ping.

For those who don't know what Ping is, iTunes Ping is Apple's version of Facebook. But for music. It would show what music you like and buy. It also gives you concert information. Ping was released in September 2010 with the breakthrough iTunes 10. iTunes 10 also came with AirPlay and HD TV show rentals for 99¢.

Some features like concert information will be kept and will be in the new iTunes coming later this October.

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