Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kindle Review

The Kindle is extremely thin.
For the last month, I've been talking mainly about Apple products. Let's try something new. Last year, I bought a Kindle from, the cheapest Kindle. So cheap, that it's only called the Kindle. However, it gives you a good run for your $79. But, why would I buy a Kindle if I already have an iPad? I needed a light reading book for school. So I bought this. Here are the pros and cons.

  • It's the lightest device you will ever hold.
  • Much cheaper books.
  • The E-Ink display is strangely interesting.
  • The ads are "G" rated and don't appear while reading. Having ads are worth it.
  • It can fit in your back pocket.
  • It doesn't strain your eyes.
  • It is cheap.
  • If it gets stolen, it's not a big deal.
  • Integrated book store.
  • Amazon automatically registers your account to the Kindle.
  • The Kindle is light enough to hold with just a few fingers.
  • There's a one month battery life.
  • There's no color.
  • It's hard to tell what the battery is because of the display's resolution.
  • Images from the book appear, however they are at low resolution.
  • A case makes the Kindle's weight significantly heavier.
  • Typing can be a hassle with it with no keyboard or touch controls.
  • The only Kindle without audio support.
  • Some series like Diary of a Wimpy Kid are not supported on the Kindle store.
For the most part, the Kindle is a great device for a great price. I recently took it hiking and it didn't weigh me down at all. In addition, it was able to survive three days in 9,000 feet of altitude. All in all, I give the Kindle 4 1/2-out-of-5 Geek Glasses.

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