Friday, September 7, 2012

A Weekend with the Galaxy Nexus 7: Friday

I recently obtained one Galaxy Nexus 7 for the weekend. It's pretty much a 7" tablet. It's the the perfect opportunity for a review. Right away, the device seemed very heavy for it's size. And to use any app, you must have a Google account. When signing in, it takes a long time because it's tailoring the tablet together for you. A great part about it is that it can fit it in your pocket. But when I was needing another hand, the tablet was in my hand and a drink in another. I couldn't put it in my pocket with one hand and there was no where to put the drink. Pocket powers couldn't help me there. While blogging on this, I found the keyboard and text editing was much harder than an iOS device. Also, the home screen is hard to navigate without any apps on a page. The navigation bar at the bottom is very hard to see too. All the permissions you must approve for apps and Google Accounts can be a pain too. Although, I must say that the updates feature on the contact list was a nice touch. I'm going to finish this review on my iPad because this keeps deleting some of my work. It just did it again!!! Not to mention, I've only had this for an hour!! People are starting to stare. However, the voice to speech is good. Now people think I'm crazy because I'm talking and yelling at a tablet. By the way, if you start to type, "feature", it suggests the word, "death". In my house, there's a rule about Droids. "Don't throw it out the window!"

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