Saturday, September 22, 2012

iPhone 5: Review

I recently reviewed the iPhone 5 at an Apple Store. It's the most amazing iPhone ever!

At First Glance:
When you first see the phone, it looks somewhat different. It comes in two colors. The black color looks sleeker. The white color looks like a jewel. Last I checked, people like jewels. The texture of the back side feels nice to just feel. It doesn't even feel taller. Just lighter. Crazy light. How does that work? It's magic.

This camera is amazing! The camera lens is made out of sapphire crystal. When you use it, you can take up to five shots in one second. Just compare it with a 4S. It's faster than already fast. Panorama pictures are also amazing! They are so pretty. And it's so easy to make one.

With the brand new A6 chip and LTE networking, the new iPhone is very fast from downloading an app to talking to Siri. What else is there to say? It's fast and powerful.

iOS 6:
iOS 6 comes with many new features. iPhone 5 takes advantage of all of them. Hands down, my absolute favorite iOS 6 feature has to be Passbook. If you're looking to fill your virtual wallet, try the Starbucks app or the Target app and sign up for Mobile Coupons. Also, Siri is very accuate even in a noisy Apple Store. For Maps, I know about the flaws and Apple is working hard to fix them. Otherwise, I think the Apple Maps app is great. I love the new "Tap to Resume Navigation" feature.

Lightning Connector:
Although the Lightning connector is hard to test out the reversibility feature because of the docking system (Sure Apple! Why not make a dock only for Apple Stores and their resellers?), I did try it and it was functional and a great feature.

All in all, the iPhone 5 is the most amazing iPhone yet. From it's look to it's features, I highly recommend this as your next phone. Because of that, I give it five out of five geek glasses for a great camera, speed, OS, and other great features…

...for the AT&T model. For the Verizon and Sprint models, I give them four and a half out of five geek glasses because of the carrier limitations like the inability to use data while on a call.

Also, Apple released some ads for the iPhone 5. Check them out!

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