Saturday, January 21, 2017

tvOS Like Interface for Apple VR?

Layers of The Parallax Effect
With everyone joining in on VR, one must question how will Apple execute vrOS? Here's an idea I came up with. tvOS uses large, block-style icons for navigation. The buttons allow for layered icons, which offer a sense of immersion. This is called the Parallax effect. It's a bit difficult to explain, so it's pictured below. Such a cool, subtle feature would go to waste on Apple TV, one of Apple's less popular platforms? What if tvOS interface mechanics were recycled in a vrOS interface. Meaning, if Apple made a VR headset, certain features on the Apple TV would be used. It wouldn't be too surprising. The Touch Bar in the MacBook Pro uses a modified version of watchOS. You could even use the Apple TV remote as a controller for vrOS, Perhaps tvOS had more potential than we first thought.

The Parallax Effect

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