Sunday, January 1, 2017

On the 2016 MacBook Pro's Battery Life

I absolutely love the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Every snappy click on the keyboard, the useful touch interactions of the Touch Bar, and the vibrant display. It's the redesign I've been waiting for.

That being said...

What's the point of owning a Porsche if you can only drive it three miles before needing to go to the gas station? The same goes for the new MacBook Pro. Consumer Reports recently refused to give the new MacBook Pro a recommendation because of its inconsistent battery life. I can back them up when my MacBook Pro has been failing to even reach three hours on a full charge, sometimes two hours. The only app open? Safari. No matter what anyone has to say about their preference of browser, Safari is the bundled browser on the Mac and should be able to hold a decent battery life through normal use. In 2016, that's more important than ever. "Normal use" these days falls under the umbrella of having 20 tabs open. People need the internet more than ever. Having USB-C as a charging method does not help this situation. During the transition period to USB-C, people won't have the chargers and adapters they need at all times. While at a Starbucks, the average user may be shocked to see their battery life tank, while their charger is at home. This is not how to do a refresh on your flagship notebook, Apple. If my MacBook Pro can't handle 3 hours of Safari, how is it supposed to accomplish 5 hours of video editing using Final Cut Pro without a charge?

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