Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Safari Bug Cause of Poor MacBook Pro Battery Life

According to Apple, the cause of low battery life in the new MacBook Pro has been a hidden setting in Safari [Source: MacRumors]. They disabled local caching. Consumer Reports has redone their tests with caching enabled and their tests resulted in better battery life. There will be a fix coming this week for developers and beta testers.

"We also turn off the local caching of web pages. In our tests, we want the computer to load each web page as if it were new content from the internet, rather than resurrecting the data from its local drive. This allows us to collect consistent results across the testing of many laptops, and it also puts batteries through a tougher workout.
According to Apple, this last part of our testing is what triggered a bug in the company’s Safari browser. Indeed, when we turned the caching function back on as part of the research we did after publishing our initial findings, the three MacBooks we’d originally tested had consistently high battery life results."
- Consumer Reports 
As an update, I am noticing better battery life on my MacBook Pro. It's about the same as what my old 2013 MacBook Pro had after three years of use. Honestly, it still should be better, but hopefully this update may help.

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