Monday, January 30, 2017

The Rise of Internet TV

If you told me seven years ago that I could bring my TV anywhere in my pocket, I'd say you're crazy. Growing up in a house without DVR, the only way for me to watch what I wanted was on a screen in a fixed position at a specific time. Today, that sounds barbaric. Why should the service that we pay for tell us when to watch what? Today, with on-demand options, we scoff at such options. It's truly amazing how fast everything has changed. I remember when I first experienced TV on my iPad, it was amazing. Even with a two minute delay and countless bugs, my mind was blown. Despite that, I rarely watch TV today. The rise of internet TV has given way to the rise of streaming video. Services like YouTube and Netflix have quickly dominated viewers. YouTube's broken algorithms even favor channels that publish content more frequently on their site, feeding users with more video to compete with most TV channels. That just begs the question: Has normal television become obsolete?

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