Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WeMo and HomeKit: Update

Several months ago, I talked about Belkin's plans to integrate HomeKit with their home automation product line, WeMo. Now, we know that this will be a reality thanks to MacObserver.
"WeMo will continue to evolve as we deliver on our promise of being the most approachable entry point to the connected home, and it is a natural progression based on Belkin's long-term partnership with Apple that compatibility with HomeKit will be a part of that evolution.
We are currently in conversations with Apple, but no specifics have been finalized at this point. Though our primary goal will always be to create a robust WeMo platform and unparalleled user experience for both current and future WeMo users, we are actively engaged in bringing HomeKit compatibility to fruition in the very near future. Stay tuned."
Note how this spokesperson says "very near future." We can only hope we'll get more information on this as soon as they say it will. As for how this update would apply to existing WeMo products, I don't know. I'm sure myself and many other people hope that it's a software update. Otherwise, people would have to buy all new WeMo devices. At $50 a pop, that's an expensive update. It should be noted that WeMo devices are capable of receiving software updates. However, it should also be noted that HomeKit devices use a chip for their capability. Of course, because Apple and Belkin are in talks together, they may allow Belkin to make a software update with the chip's code on it. I assume the chips are mostly intended for new home automation products from new brands. I could ramble on about this all night. Anyways... Let's hope for a software update.

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