Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Apple Ends iTunes 'Single of the Week'

After 11 years, Apple has ended their "Single of the Week" promotion, which would allow any iTunes user to get a free song every week. Business Insider reports that an Apple Support employee told an Apple forum member about this.
"I contacted iTunes Support and they told me the decision was made to drop the free Single of the Week. Seems they don't want people browsing the Store anymore. I told them that the free single each week got me to the Store and I usually bought a few songs. Now, there's less reason to go. They've stopped the free single in other countries too."
- Bob Foss 
This comes after iTunes not participating in its annual "12 Days of Christmas" iTunes Store giveaway. It also makes people worried that Apple will stop their "App of the Week" promotion, which gives away an app each week.

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