Sunday, January 26, 2014

Google Glass: First Impressions (Explorer Edition)

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to try out Google Glass (Explorer Edition / Beta Version), the wearable device that lets people use certain operations that they could do on a smart device, but hands-free. The first thing I want to note is the hardware. Google Glass has some features that aren't apparent at first glance. The first feature is the trackpad. On the right side of Glass, there is a small surface where one can use simple gestures to navigate through screens. Also, it seems that Glass will have specially made lens and sunglasses made for Glass, however regular eyeglasses (at least mine) fit fine while wearing Glass. The prism that is used as the display is a futuristic screen. It, in a way, looks like R2-D2's hologram. Slightly tinted and translucent. As for the size, it is the equivalent of "a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away (Google)." The display can also be projected to a smartphone using the app for iPhone or Android. The camera has a slight angle above your eye, so calibrate for that when you record a video or take a video. As for software, look forward to the Glass App Store (which isn't available yet, but probably will be with the final product). The only really cool app is the navigation (Google Maps). It's nice to have an annotated version of the road in front of you in the corner of your vision. It's helpful and not distracting. As for Glass overall, it's definitely something to look forward to (as long as you don't mind being pulled over in you car from time to time or being thrown out of the movies) once it's price comes down and the product is refined in the final version. The current price is about $1499 and it should hopefully come down to $499 (just an estimate by me).

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