Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Not many companies choose to make scanners instead of printers, but Neat did it and it proves that being one step ahead of the game isn't always the obvious choice. Or is it? I mean, think: make a product that makes less paper (scanners) or make a product that makes more paper (printers)? I rest my case. But now Neat is back with a new product: NeatConnect. Unlike traditional Neat products, this scanner doesn't just scan a document to your computer. It can scan it to the cloud instead. It saves space on your computer and it's accessible anywhere. Which cloud? Almost any cloud you'd like. NeatCloud, Box, Evernote, Google Drive, and more! There you have it. All the power of a Neat scanner with the flexibility of a cloud. Be sure to get it in time for tax season! It's helpful for that too! That's just the tip of the iceberg. There are even more uses! NeatConnect is available for $499.95 and comes with a 3 free months of NeatCloud service.

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