Tuesday, January 21, 2014

iSquad Repair

Colored EarPods!
All of the time, I find that many people have broken screens on their iOS devices. Here's my solution, go to a repair shop. My favorite is iSquad Repair. They have two shops in San Diego County. One in San Diego and one in Encinitas (pictured). These guys are great! They repair devices in the same day! It's also a great shop. They have custom parts like colored EarPods and screens. I've seen two iPhones that had broken screens and iSquad Repair made them look as good as new.

Note: I have no association with iSquad Repair and have not been paid to advertise their business/product. I am simply a pleased client.

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  1. Nice blog Alex one question for me your shop is a all day open..? And I like colored part..!Thanks



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