Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why Apple Has Better Gaming Ideas Than Nintendo...

Source: Nintendo Life
Nintendo started their new year on a bad foot. For their third straight year in a row, they've seen a decline in sales. President Satoru Iwata states that they are looking into "smart devices" and how a user might use it for gaming. Welcome to the 21st century, Nintendo! For many fans, imaginary fireworks went off in their head. Mario on an iPhone? Genius! Why buy another device when you can do the same thing on the device that you do everything else on? Especially considering that smartphones have better hardwares specs than of the 3DS and Wii U! Well, Nintendo doesn't get it yet. Even after millions of posts, tweets, and stories of how they should go mobile, they just don't get it. Let me explain. Apparently, Nintendo is actually making a mobile app for smartphones to view details about 3DS and their franchises. Because everyone's interested in that! It's not like we could go to a website for the same exact thing! Then, Nintendo denies this whole rumor and it's just a whole mess.

So, how does this convert into how Apple having better ideas than Nintendo? In recent reports, Apple is rumored to be making a fourth-generation Apple TV. Whether it's the full featured TV set, or a box, I don't know. But, this Apple TV may incorporate using iOS devices as controllers and the big TV as the display. This adds potential to GameCenter to add leaderboards and online multiplayer.

Nintendo will be providing more information on this whole app and smartphone idea tomorrow (Thursday, January 29, 2014).

So, what's your decision? On a computer, you can predict if Nintendo truly has lost their last life on the right-hand side with our poll! Also, feel free to post in the comments section about your thoughts.

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