Thursday, January 16, 2014

Google Creates Contact Lens for Diabetics

Google has made some new eyewear, but it's not Google Glass. It's a new contact lens system that allows one to track their glucose levels without the need of a needle. The magic? None, just pure science. Studies show that tears are actually one of the key body fluid that give a good perspective of how much glucose is in our bloodstream. However, people can't and/or aren't willing to cry on demand in public. So instead, we as humans decided to poke holes into our skin and use our blood for tracking glucose. Now, Google X labs are making a smart contact lens that will track glucose levels and send them into our phones. Google Contact Lenses are no where near coming toward the market. It's just a teaser. But hey, it sure does give us something to look forward to other than the self-driving car (which are also being studied by Google).

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