Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Remote Shutter

Whether it's "Geek's Night Out" or just a casual picture, you can use the remote on your headphones to take a pictures. Not all earbuds have a remote. Most Apple made earphones, including EarPods, have a remote. Some third-party earbuds also have a remote. The remote looks like the small buttons in the picture below. The remote tends to be located on the cord. To take a picture, go to the camera app and use the volume up or down button (the top or bottom portion of the buttons) to take the picture. It's the perfect shutter!

The remote on a pair of EarPods.

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  1. I've tried this and both the volume up and down buttons worked. I was able to take a picture by pushing either end of the remote. Great for taking pictures in low light, where pressing the shutter on the camera is likely to blur the picture from movement. Great tip!


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