Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Microsoft Store. Is it even worthy of being called a store?

I recently went to the Microsoft Store with a friend and it was a cheesy remake of an Apple Store. There were a few differences. One being that the employees weren't helpful at all. They didn't greet me at the door and were hogging up the line for the Xbox demos. Also, most of the computers wouldn't work. The trackpads couldn't move the cursor. Games on the PC wouldn't load at all. The webpages always redirect to the Microsoft Store. And don't make me start about the Blue Screen of Death (To get this joke, go to this link:  Then, I went over to the Apple Store and was welcomed by a genius saying, "What brings you to the Apple Store today?" Gotta love the customer service at an Apple Store!

Shirt Comparison

Back of Microsoft Shirt
Back of Apple Shirt

Front of Microsoft Shirt

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