Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Evolution of the iPod Connector

The iPod Connector has much more history than you might think. When the iPod was introduced, it used FireWire instead of USB. FireWire is a port that is mainly on Macs. These connectors are much bigger than your new Lightning or even 30-pin connector for an iPad. PCs couldn't use them. Soon, it used USB. And syncing data across FireWire was removed from history. Just so you know, during this entire time, the iPod Shuffle uses the headphone jack as a data port. With modern products like the iPad, Apple made a 30-pin connector that snaps and stays in place. And then came the Lightning cable. The fast and reversible connector that we use today. With eight pins parallel on each side, this is the smallest cable yet. And that's the evolution of the iPod connector in a nutshell.

Evolution in Pictures:
With FireWire.
Larger with USB.

Snaps into place.

Reversible with eight pins.

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