Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Apple's Butterfly Keyboard

I like the Butterfly Keyboard on the newer MacBooks. I really do. The click, the responsiveness. I've liked it since day one. I know not everyone's on the same level with that though. It is subjective. But remember when I said I liked the Butterfly Keyboard on the newer MacBooks? Yeah, my opinion just changed. That's because whenever I type the letter j, the key is awkwardly stuck. I can't stand it. Every other key feels crisp and tactile with every stroke. But then I hit that one key and I'm taken out of it. It feels like the experience is ruined. At least it's not as common as other letters. Whether or not this issue is related to the new lawsuit going on with the keyboard, I'm not sure. I experience the symptoms, so I'm willing to hop on board. I just need a repair soon. It's starting to drive me crazy.

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