Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Apple's Repair Policy

There's been a bit of news going on lately in regards to Apple's repair policies. Particularly when YouTuber Linus Tech Tips was refused service for his iMac Pro. Personally, I think these claims are way overinflated. I think the first thing to address is the iMac Pro story. Linus Tech Tips took apart the iMac Pro and dropped the display, which is what cause the need for repairs. This is when Apple denied service because unauthorized modification voids the warranty and prohibits Apple from servicing it. This has been controversial, however, it is important to understand the consequences that can and will occur if Apple opens the flood gates to "unauthorized modification." First off, modifying an Apple product in the first place significantly increases the failure rate for the product, whether it be mechanical, physical, or even software related. To ask Apple to help you out of a ditch like this requires a much broader spectrum for Apple to be able to reliably repair. In addition, they would have to account for replacing modified parts with their genuine parts. Because modification is so case-by-case, Apple has to take much more into account, which would likely cause lower repair quality and removal of modifications. It makes sense that if you modify your product, you take responsibility for it, even if the repair is not related to your modification. Apple's goal is to keep the consumer from worrying about the internals of their products, but when the consumer modifies the product, they should acknowledge that they must take responsibility for any issue that arises.

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