Sunday, September 21, 2014

iOS 8 and Selfies: Bad Match

Apple is aware that selfies are a growing trend. Heck, it's even a word in the Oxford Dictionary. But when I press and hold the photo button in Messages, and it sends an embarrassing photo of me to my recipient, that's a big no-no in my rule book. Luckily, this hasn't happened to me, but it has happened to thousands of other people. People aren't used to this function automatically using the front camera by default. With other functions, such as sending an audio recording or video recording in Messages, it gives you a heads up and lets you review what you're about to send. For those upgrading to iOS 8 and are texting friends or important people (like your boss), be sure to think twice about holding down that photo button, because once you let go of it, it's like letting go of a trigger on a gun. No going back.

When the camera is tinted yellow, be ready!

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