Friday, September 26, 2014

FitBit and HealthKit

With HealthKit finally avaliable to developers, apps are starting to gain functionality. However, a big question is whether Fitbit will be using this functionality. A representative had this to say:
"As the iOS 8 is very recent we still don't have news if we're going to have some features linked to the Healthkit.If in the future we have those features, the information would be post in"
- Magin B. 
Now, maybe this is because the representative isn't a developer, but Fitbit had three months to prepare their app for HealthKit when it was announced at WWDC. They should be on top of this. Especially with all of the free publicity Apple gives them on their Apple Online Store. HealthKit was practically made for Fitbit (and the Apple Watch I suppose). Hopefully, they'll add functionality soon.

Fitbit is avaliable for free from the App Store [Direct Link]

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