Wednesday, September 3, 2014

People Already Lining Up At Fifth Avenue Apple Store Ahead of iPhone 6 Announcement and Launch

The lengths that people go to be first in line for the new iPhone (and a little publicity) boggles my mind each year. But, people do it anyways. The iPhone 6 hasn't even been announced yet, and people are lining up anyways. Brian Ceballo and Joseph Cruz (representing BuyBackWorld) are going for the world record of camping out 19 days before the launch of the new iPhone (started August 31st), a one-up from the previous record of 18 days. However, they have given up their spot to Jason and Moon Ray (representing a health app). Brian and Joseph made $1,250 for giving up their spots in line. Based on past releases, the iPhone 6 should be available Friday, September 19th.

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