Thursday, July 17, 2014

Apple Files Patent For Detecting Behavior Changes

Apple has filed a patent that allows an iPhone to lock out a user because of a behavior change. For example, a significant change in grammar would cause the phone to lock out. After the lock, the iPhone would use Touch ID, password, or a notification to another device to confirm identity.

"A method for determining behavior associated with a user device, comprising: receiving behavior data identifying multiple types of user interaction with the user device; comparing the behavior data with patterns of behavior data associated with the user device, wherein the behavior-data patterns are generated from previously-received behavior data of an original user; determining a current user is potentially different from the original user based on the comparison of the behavior data with the patterns; and transmitting a command to the user device to lock the user device until the current user is verified as the original user."

Although the idea is circulating, that doesn't mean it will come to iOS in the future. At the same time, this idea seems pretty significant. Enough so that it may come to iOS. 

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