Thursday, July 31, 2014

USB Security Flaw

In the biggest security news since Heartbleed, USB may have a security flaw. Dubbed BadUSB, every USB device has a chip that can control the USB connection, potentially for malicious activity, according to SR Labs. For example, a USB could turn get passwords redirected to itself. Nothing is safe anymore! It's the apocalypse! This is worst thing to happen since Gmail was down for a whole hour earlier this year! But wait! There is a solution: PS/2 keyboards and mice! Time for an ancient history lesson. Back in the ancient days of XP, Palm Pilots, and Netscape (Good times...), there was something called a PS/2 port that keyboards and mice typically used. However, this shouldn't be dwelled over. We've made it this far using USB as an everyday part of our lives, just be cautious and don't use any unnecessary USB cables. 

Two USB Ports

Two PS/2 Ports

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