Friday, August 31, 2012

iPhone 5: What I Could Dig Up

The iPhone 5 has many secrets. Some are obvious. Others aren't. Last year, the iPhone 4S brought amazing pictures and the voice assistant that can kick off WWDC 2012, Siri. But what's next? Here are some rumors.

My personal theory is the name might not be iPhone 5 at all. It may follow in iPad's footsteps and be called the new iPhone.

Also, the date September 12th may not be the date for the smartphone's unveiling. It could also be September 4th. This new date has been recently rumored. This event is also expected to showoff the iPad Mini as well. Mark your calendars!

If you take a look at the picture that's supposedly the iPhone 5 below, you will see a familiar shape. However, if you look at what's different, you will find several changes.
  • The front camera is above the receiver instead of next to it. 
  • The body is taller. 
  • The headphone jack is at the bottom instead of the top (just like the iPod Touch except on the left side instead of the right side). 
  • There are different speakers (much more like the iPad). 
  • There is a new dock connector. 

What does this all mean? Apple could be trying this new docking system with all Apple products. However, they haven't changed the connector ever from what I know. In addition, the camera is above the receiver. This may help align your image with the camera feed. Also, the taller screen could mean a similar interface of an iPad running an iPhone app. Take a look at this video from Mac Rumors of how your apps could look on the iPhone 5.
Keep in mind that these are just rumors. Be sure to post your questions, tips, opinions, rumors, or whatever you want in the comments below!

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