Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Secure your Security!

You may know about the great, free service, Find My iPhone. And being a person having that service, you might feel like your iPhone is invincible. Nothing can happen to it. Well, I've learned that there is just one flaw.

Picture this scenario:
You're walking down the street when a thief snatches your iPhone without you noticing. When you get home, you realize that your iPhone is missing and look for it on the convenient Find My iPhone app on your iPad. However, your iPhone isn't being shown on the map. You can't see it's location!

This issue is becoming more and more common among people. In this story, the thief was genius enough to turn off location services in order to take the iPhone completely off the grid. How can you prevent this? You can do a passcode. Or you could be more sophisticated and keep the thief from disabling the location services in the first place. Simply go to Settings > General > Restrictions and enable the restrictions if you haven't already. Then, scroll down to the "Allow Changes" section. Select Location Services. After that, select "Don't Allow Changes". And of course, you can turn this on and off as you please with your passcode.

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  1. Great tip! I'll use this when I travel next week. Thanks!

  2. Alex:

    Good suggestion...I did it.

    The last step should be "Don't allow changes" instead of "disable changes".



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