Thursday, August 30, 2018

Huge iPhone and Apple Watch Leak

Today, I was very surprised to see leaks of the iPhone XS and the Apple Watch Series 4. I really didn't want to see them, because I like genuine surprise, but these images have been plastered all over the internet. I'm also plan on getting an Apple Watch Series 4, so I was hoping to be floored by its design at the event, not because of a leak. I won't be embedding the images in this post just in case, especially when you can find them anywhere on the internet, but I'll leave links to them for those curious. Here are my thoughts on the leaked devices.

9to5Mac reported on what appears to be gold iPhone X-like devices that come in two sizes. The image is breathtaking. It almost looks holographic. There isn't much else to say here, because it just looks like a regular iPhone X aside from the gold color and size options. They also report that the name for it is iPhone XS.

9to5Mac later showed a leaked image of the Apple Watch Series 4. As an original Apple Watch owner, I've been holding out for this one. I've been so tempted to upgrade, but I knew this would be the one to floor me. I've been waiting for a redesign, and now is the perfect time with watchOS 5 being restricted to Series 1 and later. The edge-to-edge display looks great, and the image shows how much can fit just on the watch face. I'm really glad they showcased the analog watch face. I use an analog watch face, and I find it's always find that Apple supports the digital ones way more. It's nice to see they haven't forgotten the traditional analog watch. It appears to hold up to nine complications. That's a lot of information at a quick glance. I personally want mine with Weather, Timer, iStudiez Pro (class tracking), and MyVerizon (data usage) complications in the corners, Calendar around the rim, and Music, date, Activity (unless I find something better), and battery level in the center. Along with cellular, water-resistance, GPS, improved battery and faster processor coming from my Series 0, I'm hoping we get at least one big new software feature. Overall, I'm really excited for this model, but I still wish it hadn't been leaked.

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