Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Scary Google Maps Flaw

Google is notorious for putting ads in its products. And can you blame them? Those servers don't pay for themselves. But a simple oversight may require a policy change for Google Maps ads. pudge_og from Reddit found that when they searched "emergency room near me," Google prioritized an urgent care center with limited hours that was further than the other results on the list. This was because it was an ad. While most of us would notice it was an ad, if you're panicking, you may not have time to notice, and that would cost you an extra 15 minutes of driving. By the way, distances aren't even shown on this screen, so it's a total gamble how far the first destination is. It's a scary thought, especially if you're in an area you aren't familiar with. While the circumstance's chances of occurring vary, I think when it comes to looking for emergency rooms, we could probably do without ads.

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