Monday, September 26, 2016

Optimize Space with macOS Sierra

My MacBook Pro has had very little space for the past few months. It would often fluctuate between out of space and 20 GB due to caching and other factors. As a result, my computer got slower. With macOS Sierra, I managed to get my laptop up to 40 GB free. The new storage management is probably one of the best features of macOS Sierra. Just open "About This Mac" from the Apple menu, go to Storage, and press the "Manage..." button. While I don't use the store in iCloud feature, I would recommend using the Optimize Storage function. It will remove watched movies and TV shows from your Mac. Note that they will still be available in the cloud. You can also look through a variety of apps and file types and remove some files. For me, I found myself deleting podcasts and Steam games. This saved a lot of storage. I would definitely recommend trying this out, even if you're not out of storage yet.

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