Monday, September 19, 2016

The Cause of Samsung's Battery Issue

The ultimate cause of why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries have been exploding can be traced back to one simple reason, according to Bloomberg, reports of a lackluster iPhone 7. With this news, Samsung engineers started rushing this product to market. Employees even stayed overnight at their offices. A consequence of this was rushing their suppliers. Batteries were of poor quality when rushed, causing these reports. Things got worse when Samsung tried to handle the issue. They took it into their own hands to handle the recall, instead of contacting the Consumer Product Safety Commission in a timely manner, as is legally required. This created conflicting reports as how consumers should handle their Note 7s. It weird to think that Samsung's edgy competitiveness could've caused something like this. It's not the end of Samsung, but it will be remembered for some time. To think at the announcement, them mocking the rumors of the iPhone 7 not having a headphone jack could've been their biggest mistake. 

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