Sunday, September 18, 2016

Why You Shouldn't Work For Nintendo...

I find myself ranting more and more about Nintendo, how they handle their fans, and how they make business decisions. I could probably start an entire blog on that alone and still post everyday. However, most of this I don't post because it's so predictable by Nintendo at this point. However, when I saw this story (credit to Ohnickel via YouTube), I knew I had to write about this.

Sephazon, as he is known on Twitter, always wanted to work at Nintendo. He is very passionate about the games and characters that Nintendo has brought into this world. So, he went to get a job at Nintendo. After being interviewed in Seattle, where Nintendo of America's headquarters is located, he was hired as a Miiverse Community Insights Specialist.

You can tell from his Twitter feed alone that he is the kind of person that Nintendo needs. Especially with how unaware Nintendo is of their fans, where they stand in the market, and even their own games at times. He even wears a Franklin badge from EarthBound on his business suit. Anyways, from here, Sephazon starts moving from the East Coast all the way over to Seattle, Washington over the time of a week. After this lengthy process, he was told that the position he was hired for was "no longer available."



Seems about rig--


Nintendo, you cannot treat jobs like amiibo! It's dumb enough that you can manage to cancel pre-orders on your products, but how do you let something like this happen. Especially, if they have to move by car across the country to get to your headquarters. Sephazon was very calm and respectful about the situation. He did delete the tweet about him not getting the job because so many people gave Nintendo hate for it, which they rightfully deserve. Even after all of this, he stated that he will continue to support Nintendo. I honestly hope Nintendo does feel the repercussions of this, because this is more than just a bad business practice. It's cluelessness and stupidity by a company.

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